Alternative Aleworks aka Alt Ale


Branding & Identity


The objective for this project was to create any business of your liking and in turn brand that business. Things to consider when doing so,  what makes your store different and separate itself from the rest? And how will your store be more successful because of its branding?

Alt Ale is a San Francisco based microbrewery. The full name Alternative Aleworks is based on its specialization in gluten free beer. Hence the tagline, "The Art of Brewing an Alternative Lifestyle." The Bay Area has always been a center destination within the ripple effect of trends. Lately people have shifted to alternative nutrition habits based on their knowledge and the rise of those who are gluten intolerant. I myself have many friends who suffer from this and because of it have formed my business and mission statement to be; "All of Alt Ale's beer are artfully brewed to house the traits of the alternative lifestyle, 100% gluten free beer and appetizers. A place designed for the gluten intolerant, friends of the gluten intolerant, or those who just enjoy a great tasting beer in the greatest city of all time."

The hops bud became the logomark to represent the gluten free beer while the logotype is simple and edgy, like the city Alt Ale would reside in. The animal characters on the other hand are more complex, representing each individual type of beer and it's atypical ingredients.