I Am "ME"

Adventure hurts, but monotony will kill me ...

Maria Elena Esquivias


I am a Graphic Designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area and a graduate from San Jose State's BFA Graphic Design Program. Born and raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains, I am a highly passionate and competitive person. I love not only design, but the the beautiful game of soccer, a good beer, aged whiskey, and any chance to travel and explore the world around me.

"Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own," Bruce Lee.

Design is beautiful and I love how it can come at you from any angle, emotion, or memory and have an impact on anyone and everyone. It can improve the state of things and impact the majority for the better all while putting a little love and ourselves into it. It's meaningful, and I love creating new things each day, growing, and learning from others around me.


Let's connect!

Email: hello@esquivias.me